Painting the home is one of the most crucial decoration tasks. It gives you ample room for creativity and expression and helps you explore different colours. Choosing the right colour combination also gives your property a classy appearance.

Selecting the Right Colour is Crucial:

Choosing the right colour combination and hiring a professional contractor is vital in home painting and decoration. However, the task of reaching perfection continues. Before applying the paint, you must determine the colour combination for each wall. For better aesthetics, you can incorporate an accent wall among other light-coloured wall surfaces.

Establishing an Accent Wall: Things to Look For

Professionals in painting and decorating in Dundee can guide you with the perfect accent wall decoration. To elevate the style of your room, you should follow some essential considerations.

1. Be Creative with the Paint: Establishing an accent wall does not need a rule book. It should be a part of your design preference. You can work on the different paint textures to try a better appearance. Ask your painter to try different paint finishes as well. This difference in texture adds depth and personality to your interiors. This texture makes the accent wall a focal point which draws the instant attention of the viewers.

2. Select the Accent Wall Carefully: First, determine the location to determine an accent wall. Choose a specific wall that you think is suitable. Avoid choosing a wall with a window. The light from it would act as a backlight to the wall, ruining its appearance. Find a wall that naturally draws your attention and establishes itself as the accent wall.

3. Choose the Right Shade: The accent wall is a great way to break out from the usual colour theory. Choose a colour that complements the other walls of the room. You can select a bold or neutral colour, like dark brown, to complement lighter shades of brown on the other walls. The selection of colour should create interest and capture the viewers’ attention.

Following this guide can establish an eye-catching accent wall on your property. To get assistance from a professional source, contact Evolution Maintenance Services. We are a prominent property maintenance and decorating service established in Aberdeen. To learn more, you can visit our website today.