Who doesn’t love to ascend new heights with attractive sets of stairs? As soon as anyone enters a home, the first thing that catches their eye is the staircase. So, it is vital to make it in a way that creates a lasting impression. Here are the top ideas to transform your staircase with painting and decorating in Aberdeen.

Top Tips To Make Aesthetically Appealing Staircase

1. Painting in Single Bold Colour

Colour scheme plays an important role in transforming any space. Even a simple painted staircase with a high-quality finish can make a big difference if the colour has been chosen wisely. You can choose a bold tone to create a striking contrast for a more daring design or to enhance your colour palette. If you are stuck with multiple colour choices, an expert painter or decorator can help you.

2. Dual Tone Painting Effect

For the unversed, colour blocking can make everything interesting. It means combining two or more colours to create an aesthetic look. It gives you the freedom to be as creative as you want. You can either apply the dual-tone scheme for each step or apply one on the tread and another on the riser. It is a minimalistic approach but still an amazing way to utilise the preferred staircase material or through professional painting and decorating.

3. Create an Illusion

What about replacing a stair runner? Painting a stair runner comes hand-in-hand with colour blocking. We suggest choosing a base colour to extend your colour scheme and choosing a contrasting tone to highlight as if it were trim. The end result will surely blow your mind.

4. Decorating with Prints

You can use leftover wallcovering (if any) for decorating the steps of your staircase. One of the simplest techniques is to apply wallpapers on your steps. Choose a modern print with small-scale patterns. You can also hire a professional painter and decorator to facilitate the task.

5. Paint Your Bannisters and Railings

Though this may look like an obvious option, it has often been observed that many people overlook a fresh and good-quality paint job for staircases. Such paintings can actually enhance the overall look of your home.

6. Improve Light Levels

A staircase can block off the light to a great extent. Keeping things light and bright with some simple techniques can help. For example: installing a glass bannister so that sunlight can pass through or keeping the treads in a pale wood or paint can maximise the available light. You can also consider adding footlights to help in the evenings and on darker days.

7. Make it Personal with Curated Pictures

The staircase is the ideal place for a gallery wall. You can choose theme-based coordinated frames and pictures. White is considered the preferred black canvas for every gallery, but you can also balance the look with a wooden bench and handrail.

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