Do you have an old house with dull interior paint? Do you want to get rid of the same? It is about time you call a professional for painting and decorating in Dundee and get a new coat of paint over the old one. Old paintwork might often come out and result in scraped paint debris all over the house. With the help of new coats of paint, you can easily improve the house’s overall look. If you’re not good with the maintenance work, then it’s about time to get the wall painted to retain the beauty of the same.

Here are a few ways professionals generally apply new paint over the old coats and expertly hide the same.

How to Apply New Paint Over Old Coats?

Step 1: Preparing the walls

In this step, the painters and decorators use newspapers, canvas, and other manual paper to remove the old paint coats from the walls. This is an important step because, during this step, the old chunks of paint are cleared properly so that the surface of the walls is cleared for the fresh coat of paint.

Step 2: Scarp off the old paint

This continues the previous process, where the damaged paint parts are scrapped off the wall to clean the surface. It is a wrong decision to paint over flaking old paint. In this way, the newly coated paint will not stay or hold well. Hence no matter how long it takes, the professionals first clear off the old paint effectively before proceeding with the next steps.

Step 3: Fix the holes and cracks

Before applying the new paint, the painters and the decorators generally check the holes and cracks in the walls. They fix and fill the same and then proceed with the painting work so that the holes and cracks do not pose a problem in the long run.

Step 4: Clean the walls

The walls are cleaned after the old paint is scraped out. The debris is collected, and the wall is rubbed with a cloth and detergent. All types of grease and dirt are also removed from the wall so that the painting work can be done effectively.

Step 5: Apply primer and dry it

The professionals generally apply a coat of primer over the walls before applying paint so that paint holds onto the surface. Using a primer is also cost-effective, especially if you plan to get a light-coloured wall.

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