The dream of living in a big, luxurious house with lavish rooms might not be fulfilled. However, if you’re smart enough, you can make a small space look beautiful with proper decor and paint. The size of the room doesn’t matter. What matters is the way you use the colours and decorate them the same. To get smart tips on painting and decorating the house properly, approach professionals for painting and decorating in Dundee. They will help you with the same and make your small space seem large enough.

Here are a few smart painting and decorating ideas for small rooms. Read on and try them out the next time you consider getting the rooms painted.

How to Make Rooms Spacious with Painting and Decoration?

1. Get vertical paint stripes.
Vertical paint stripes are ideal for making a small room look bigger. It gives the illusion that the room is taller and thinner in texture. So, opt for vertical stripes on the wall if you’re planning to paint a small room. You can use two more colours to make it look beautiful and appealing. Use two shades of colours – one is deep and the other a lighter version. You can easily complement both and make the walls look bigger.

2. Use light and dark colours.
Choosing only light or dark colours will make the room look smaller. Painters and decorators advise creating a combination of both. While dark makes the room look smaller, light colours will complement the same and make it look spacious. Balance both by applying dark colours on one wall while light colours on the opposite walls.

3. Use mirrors with paints.
Glass and mirrors around the house create an illusion of space for people viewing the same. So when you’re decorating the interiors of your house, make sure that you fix glass doors, glass window panes and mirrors against the walls so that the paint of the walls reflects the same. The idea of using mirrors with paints is a smart one. It improves the decor and elegance of the house as well.

4. Keep symmetry within the room.
Keeping the correct symmetry is essential to optimise the space within a small room. Along with the correct texture of paint and decor, you must arrange all the furniture pieces effectively. Furniture pieces should be placed parallel or diagonally to make the space seem bigger.

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